Consider this PHP array for defining a search query on elasticsearch

    $searchParams = [
        'index' => $index_name,
        'type' => 'nginx-access',
        'size' => 1000,
        'sort' => ['_score'],
        'fields' => ["remote_addr", "@timestamp", "request", "method", "status"],
        'body' => [
            // 'min_score' => 4,
            'query' => [
                'bool' => [
                    'must' => [
                        ['match' => ['status' => '200']],
                        ['match' => ['method' => 'POST']],
                        ['match' => ['request' => '/wp-login.php']],

    $results = $this->client->search($searchParams);

Notice that 'min_score' is commented out. The array of results returns everything as expected, however I only want results that match all of the criteria. I thought this is what query->bool->must is supposed to do, however near the end of the dataset I am getting matches for other seemingly random things as well.

If I run it with min_score then I'm always going to get the results I want, but this does not seem the right way to do it.

Am I missing something obvious here?

  • Yeah, probably your query is matching the correct things but you don't know that what is matching is also correct. What's the mapping of fields status, method and request? Give some sample documents that you thing they shouldn't match. – Andrei Stefan Jul 5 '16 at 8:15

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