This is how I'm creating an exchange and binding a queue to it

<rabbit:topic-exchange id="dataExchange" name="MQ-EXCHANGE" durable="true">
            <rabbit:binding queue="COMM_QUEUE" pattern="queue.*" />

I have read a lot of posts on the Internet where it is written that a message is also needed to be marked persistent if it is to be secured in case rabbitmq or the queue crashes. But I couldn't figure out how to mark my messages persistent.

This is how I'm publishing the messages to the queue

    private RabbitTemplate template;

    public void produceMessage(Object message, String routingKey) {
        template.convertAndSend(routingKey, message);  

I looked for different API methods to know this and also tried to look for any specific property that I could configure in the XML but couldn't find a way. Any guidance ?

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The default delivery mode (in MessageProperties) is PERSISTENT. See here.

To make it non-persistent you need to use a convertAndSend(...) method with a MessagePostProcessor to set the deliveryMode property.


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