I am working on an application where I think rich link preview (whatsapp supports it,refer image) will be helpful for users but I am not able to get an idea to start on it.Any kind of suggestion/hint on how to do this will be helpful. enter image description here

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You can use this Android Link Preview library on github

for that just add the repository to your build.gradle file like this

repositories {
maven { url 'https://github.com/leonardocardoso/mvn-repo/raw/master/maven-deploy'}

And you can use the artifacts like this:

dependencies {
compile 'org.jsoup:jsoup:1.8.3' // required
compile 'com.leocardz:link-preview:1.2.1@aar'


you can download a sample application from here

  • failed to resolve link-preview – Dr. aNdRO Aug 21 at 8:31

I found this library, I didn't try it but hope will work for you https://github.com/FreesoulApps/PreviewAndroid

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