I have a process that uses dlopen and dlclose to load/unload a library. The library has some memory leaks which I want to trace with Valgrind. I tried the following:

LD_PRELOAD=libmylibrary.so valgrind --leak-check=full myprogram

It doesn't work. I get an undefined symbol error because the library depends on some symbols from the main program. Is there any other way to make the library stay loaded at the end of the program?

  • What OS do you use? What do you observe if you do not preload? – Employed Russian Jul 7 '16 at 1:48

Just skip the dlclose() in your testing program so that the shared object's code segment would be kept in your process'es memory mapping table. Then when valgrind's finds any leaks caused by this shared object, it could find the symbol names from the process's memory mapping table.

If you call the dlclose(), the dl library may unload the shared object from the process's memory space, then the valgrind will fail to resolve the address to a meaningful symbol name.

Besides, use LD_PRELOAD= for loading the library with debugging information.

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