I written select query in PostgreSQL DB but it is giving me syntax error.

select order.c_doctype_id , doc.DocSubTypeSO 
from c_order order 
    inner join c_doctype doc on(order.c_doctype_id = doc.c_doctype_id)
where order.c_order_id =1000674

In above query it giving me syntax error near order.

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Use double quotes "" for reserved words :

select "order".c_doctype_id , doc.DocSubTypeSO 
from c_order "order"
inner join c_doctype doc on("order".c_doctype_id = doc.c_doctype_id)
where "order".c_order_id =1000674

Or just don't use reserved words:

select o.c_doctype_id , doc.DocSubTypeSO 
from c_order o
inner join c_doctype doc on(o.c_doctype_id = doc.c_doctype_id)
where o.c_order_id =1000674

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