I am trying to use dotnet pack to create NuGet package and copy it to the NuGet packages folder used as NuGet source in Visual Studio. Before dotnet I used dnu pack for creating NuGet packages. This command created folder with project version with lib folder, .nuspec, .nupkg and .nupkg.sha512 files.

When dotnet was introduced, I migrated to it and after packing I got only two files, .nupkg and .symbols.nupkg. If I copy it to folder used in visual studio as NuGet source, they are not recognised.

What am I missing? I am currently using version 1.0.0-preview3-003171 of .NET Core.


Here's how I handle packages locally in my development environment:

Step 1: Set up a local NuGet source. You need a copy of the NuGet CLI if you don't already have it. Follow the instructions on creating a local NuGet feed: basically, create an empty folder. I chose C:\Users\Nate\Documents\LocalNuget.

Step 2: Add packages to the local source with nuget add [file] -source [folder]. I added an environment variable called local_nuget_path that pointed to the folder so I wouldn't have to type it all the time:

> setx local_nuget_path "C:\Users\<you>\Documents\LocalNuget"

For even more convenience, I wrote a simple PowerShell cmdlet to add packages automatically:


Function Nuget-AddLocal {
  nuget add $file -Source $env:local_nuget_path

Function Nuget-AddAllLocal {

  Get-ChildItem $path -Recurse -Filter *.nupkg | `
  Foreach-Object {
    Nuget-AddLocal $_.FullName

Add this to your PowerShell profile so it is available in every console window:

> notepad $profile

Add this line to profile.ps1 (substituting the real path of the file):

. C:\Users\<you>\Documents\nuget-functions.ps1

Step 3: Add the local source to NuGet as a feed.

> nuget sources add -Name Local -Source $env:local_nuget_path

Step 4: Profit!

Produce packages and add them to your local source in two simple steps:

> dotnet pack
> Nuget-AddAllLocal

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