I've got the following code:

function myfunc(e){

which returns the event of the clicked target. But I want to trigger that same function without clicking on a target.

Is this possible? is it possible to do something like this?


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Triggering a .click() with javascript manually will directly bind the click to that element so in your case an event will not be passed by doing this . Also , target is a property of the event object so calling it directly on getElementById will not work . Logically once you getElementById then you already have your target because id's are unique .

On the other hand jquery library allows you to trigger clicks and pass custom data like so :

Example :

$( "button" ).on( "click", {name: "John"}, sayName);

function sayName(event){

    alert(event.data.name )


Hope this helps .


I think you should modify your function like this, to use with and without event trigger (if you only need the element object)

function myfunc(e){
    var ele = e ? e.target : document.getElementById('btn');

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