I am using neuralnet to train neural networks. The package, more specifically the plotting function of neuralnet, depends on grid, which is a base package since last year. However, unless I load grid manually, the plotting fails:

AND <- c(rep(0,7),1)
OR <- c(0,rep(1,7))
binary.data <- data.frame(expand.grid(c(0,1), c(0,1), c(0,1)), AND, OR)
net <- neuralnet::neuralnet(AND + OR ~ Var1 + Var2 + Var3, binary.data, 
                       hidden = 0, linear.output=FALSE)

if(requireNamespace("grid")) {

> Error in plot.nn(net, rep = i, x.entry, x.out, radius, arrow.length, intercept,  : 
> could not find function "grid.newpage"

Using library(grid) helps, but I want to avoid that because I want to use it in my own package later. R Packages suggests using requireNamespace, but that doesn't help either, as we can see above.

Adding grid:: in front of all calls to grid functions and building the package from source solves the issue, but I'm wondering: is that intended behavior? Looking at the sources of neuralnet, I find no mention of requireNamespace, library or similar. But then why doesn't my requireNamespace take care of loading the package?

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The problem is that neuralnet only depends on the grid package, when it should instead (or at least also) import it. (See here for one discussion of the difference between the two.)

As a result, when a function in neuralnet calls grid.newpage(), it will only be able to find that function if grid is attached to the search path. But a fully qualified call to neuralnet::neuralnet() does not attach neuralnet, which would trigger attachment of grid; and without grid on the search path, it has no idea what grid.newpage is.

To import grid into neuralnet, add this line to the source package's NAMESPACE file


and this line to its DESCRIPTION file

Imports: grid

and then recompile it.

  • Thanks. Now, when I publish my package people will use the neuralnet package from CRAN, not my compiled version. Could I bypass the issue from my code, e.g. using attachNamespace? Jul 6, 2016 at 16:47
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    @sebastianmm As mentioned in my other answer, linked above (and in the answer to which it points) by far the best thing to do is to contact the package maintainers and ask them to have their package import grid. You can even supply them with the lines they need to add, and let them know that you've tested it and that it works. Other than that, I think you're stuck with having to Depend on neuralnet so that it'll load grid when it's attached, which is unfortunate. Jul 6, 2016 at 16:54
  • So I just need to move neuralnet from Imports to Depends? I will contact the maintainer, anyway. Thanks again. Jul 6, 2016 at 16:57
  • You need to do both things mentioned in my answer. (The line in the NAMESPACE file is actually in many ways the more important of the two, though both are needed for a package on CRAN.) If for some reason the package maintainers still want grid to be attached (as well as imported), I'm 95% sure they would do that by leaving it as a Depends: in the DESCRIPTION file. (The only other possibility is that it would be entered in both the Depends: and Imports: field in DESCRIPTION.) If they don't actually want grid to be attached, then just move it from Depends: to Imports:. Jul 6, 2016 at 17:06
  • 1
    Yep. Either one works, though the first one is cleaner. (If you Depends on neuralnet in your package, after all, then anybody who wants to use functions from your package in their own package will need to Depend on it, attaching your package and neuralnet and grid. Pretty soon, just using one function from one package means folks have to load and attach many other packages, which is a real pain.) Jul 6, 2016 at 17:24

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