I am trying the Mongo Atlas Cloud. I create a cluster and i am trying a connection with the mongo shell: (same problem with mongo drivers)

mongo mongodb://***-cluster-shard-00-00-***.mongodb.net:27017,***-cluster-shard-00-01-***.mongodb.net:27017,***-cluster-shard-00-02-***.mongodb.net:27017/any_database?replicaSet=****-Cluster-shard-0 --ssl --username ***** --password *****

this is the connection string in the documentation. And this is the error:

MongoDB shell version: 3.2.7
connecting to: mongodb://***-cluster-shard-00-00-***.mongodb.net:27017,***-cluster-shard-00-01-***.mongodb.net:27017,***-cluster-shard-00-02-***.mongodb.net:27017/any_database?replicaSet=***-Cluster-shard-0
2016-07-07T01:31:17.535-0300 I NETWORK  [thread1] Starting new replica set monitor for ***-Cluster-shard-0/***-cluster-shard-00-00-***.mongodb.net:27017,***-cluster-shard-00-01-***.mongodb.net:27017,***-cluster-shard-00-02-***.mongodb.net:27017
2016-07-07T01:31:17.535-0300 I NETWORK  [ReplicaSetMonitorWatcher] starting
2016-07-07T01:31:20.084-0300 E QUERY    [thread1] Error: Authentication failed. :

exception: login failed

I can connect to the database only when i use admin database "/admin?" in the connection string.


I need to connect to a custom database with the console or mongo drivers.

PD: i protect my data with "***"


You authenticate with the admin database. From there you can switch the database.

When connecting using Mongo drivers, your connection string needs add the auth source:

  • thank you, mongo atlas support gives me same answer. – andrescabana86 Jul 13 '16 at 18:58

Adding to Nath's answer, use "--authenticationDatabase admin" if your connecting via the mongo shell and use "authSource=admin" for drivers.

Tested with [MongoDB shell version: 3.2.8]

  • thank you i appreciate your time – andrescabana86 Jul 16 '16 at 1:36

"authSource=admin" Is a requirement for All Atlas connections.

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