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How to detect MacOS X, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux operating system with JavaScript?

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I learnt a lot about window.navigator object and its properties: platform, appVersion and userAgent. To my mind, it's almost impossible to detect user's OS with 100% sure, but in my case 85%-90% was enough for me.

So, after examining tons of the stackoverflows' answers and some articles, I've wrote something like this:

function getOS() {
  var userAgent = window.navigator.userAgent,
      platform = window.navigator.platform,
      macosPlatforms = ['Macintosh', 'MacIntel', 'MacPPC', 'Mac68K'],
      windowsPlatforms = ['Win32', 'Win64', 'Windows', 'WinCE'],
      iosPlatforms = ['iPhone', 'iPad', 'iPod'],
      os = null;

  if (macosPlatforms.indexOf(platform) !== -1) {
    os = 'Mac OS';
  } else if (iosPlatforms.indexOf(platform) !== -1) {
    os = 'iOS';
  } else if (windowsPlatforms.indexOf(platform) !== -1) {
    os = 'Windows';
  } else if (/Android/.test(userAgent)) {
    os = 'Android';
  } else if (!os && /Linux/.test(platform)) {
    os = 'Linux';

  return os;



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Also I used the lists of mobile and desktop browsers to test my code:

  1. List of all Mobile Browsers
  2. List of all Browsers

This code works properly. I tested it on all the OS: MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows and UNIX, but I can't guarantee 100% sure.

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    Why not just use "Mac" for MacOS? Should be more future proof. – Aseem Gautam Feb 4 at 10:11

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