Let's say we have fact table of operators logs (~50 million rows) with the following fields:

  • Event, Client, Date.
  • Event1, Client1, 2016-10-10
  • Event1, Client1, 2016-10-11

And three dimensions: Event (~20 rows), Client(~500 000 rows), Date(~2000 rows).

I want to see last action for every client in certain day. So in report I want to choose a certain day and get the result.

The report will look like:

  • Event, CountOfClients
  • Event1, 200000
  • Event2, 150000
  • Event3, 100000

Current workaround: Totally DWH, I calculate last event every day for every client and it's huge (500 000 * 2000 = 1 000 000 000 rows).

MDX workarouds: I tried to reuse Chris Webb's idea, but it's still be slow to re-aggregate for every client, nevertheless it was the fastest MDX workaround so far.

I guess there are some other workarounds to dynamically get the result without huge tables fillings.

MDX limitations:

  • LastNonEmpty aggregation can't get the result if we select members on axis (we need only one - last event).
  • We have to check whole history till today and use recalculating set {NULL:[Date].[Date].CURRENTMEMBER} for every client, however I found a dirty hack to to speed it up by using VisualTotal within MDX Calculations. A side effect: [Date].[Date].[All] member is recalculated for all measures within reports.

With [Measures].[CustomersWithSalesTillToday] as SUM( VisualTotals([Date].[Date].[All] + NULL:[Date].[Date].CURRENTMEMBER), NULL ) + SUM( [Customer].[Customer].[Customer].Members, IIF( ([Date].[Date].[All],[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]) > 0, 1, NULL ) )

DWH limitations:

  • Huge table, BackData can be changed, processing time raises day by day.

Actually there are some of other experiences in this area I may share, but I hope you got my idea.

  • Just to add clarity to this question, request you to 1) add the full query in the question and 2) give an example of the data in the fact table. – SouravA Jul 11 '16 at 11:57

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