I have been trying to create a stored procedure that uses dynamic SQL to assemble a bcp command to export data from a parameterized stored procedure to a csv file.

Was originally getting the host data file access issue that I think was filesystem permissions.

Now I consistantly get the fillowing error when I run the proc:

SQLState = S1010, NativeError = 0 Error = [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]Function sequence error

The proc code is as follows:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_MakeMarketingListExports] 
        @includeInService varchar(1) = NULL,
        @includeMLM varchar(1) = NULL,
        @includeQuoteNoodle varchar(1) = NULL,
        @netective varchar(1) = NULL,
        @cyberChex varchar(1) = NULL,
        @agentsAdvantage varchar(1) = NULL,
        @quoteNoodle varchar(1) = NULL,
        @mlmListSubscriber varchar(1) = NULL,
        @state varchar(10) = NULL,
        @mailerID varchar(10) = NULL,
        @filePath varchar(250)
        -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
        -- interfering with SELECT statements.

        DECLARE @command varchar(500);

        SET @command = 'bcp "exec InternalML..sp_SelectMarketingListMembers '
                                + '@includeInService = ' + COALESCE(@includeInService, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@includeMLM = ' + COALESCE(@includeMLM, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@includeQuoteNoodle = ' + COALESCE(@includeQuoteNoodle, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@netective = ' + COALESCE(@netective, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@cyberChex = ' + COALESCE(@cyberChex, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@agentsAdvantage = ' + COALESCE(@agentsAdvantage, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@quoteNoodle = ' + COALESCE(@quoteNoodle, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@mlmListSubscriber = ' + COALESCE(@mlmListSubscriber, 'NULL') + ', '
                                + '@state = ' + COALESCE(@state, 'NULL') + '"'
                                + ' queryout ' + COALESCE(@filePath, 'NULL')
                                + ' -c -T -S ' + @@servername

        SELECT @command;

        EXEC xp_cmdshell @command;

I use the SELECT @command to get the assembled command for analysis.

Have had the parameter names for the calle proc included so the command came out like:

bcp "exec InternalML..sp_SelectMarketingListMembers @includeInService = NULL, @includeMLM = NULL, @includeQuoteNoodle = NULL, @netective = NULL, @cyberChex = NULL, @agentsAdvantage = NULL, @quoteNoodle = NULL, @mlmListSubscriber = NULL, @state = NULL" queryout C:\temp\test.csv -c -T -S SPKD18

Also did it without the parameter names with the same Function sequenc error message:

bcp "exec InternalML.dbo.sp_SelectMarketingListMembers NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, @state = NULL" queryout "C:\\temp\test.csv" -c -T -S SPKD18

Any insight on why this is not working? BTW, I have run the bcp via the proc and copied it to a command prompt with the same results. The problem is that I can't find much on the internet about this error, probably because it is so generic.

I can successfully run the InternalML.dbo.sp_SelectMarketingListMembers proc with the parameters directly in SSMS Query window so am pretty sure it has to do with bcp.

Thanks for the help


BCP will execute the following to resolve the format of the resultset. Can you tell us result of this:

set fmtonly on 
    exec sp_SelectMarketingListMembers <your input params>;
set fmtonly off
  • sorry, just noticed the post data on this one. – Nathan Skerl Apr 2 '11 at 2:54
  • This got my query to run successfully – Kristy Welsh Dec 5 '14 at 17:34

As described by Nathan Skerl, bcp will set the fmtonly option and run the query in order to construct a schema for the output before actually running the query to generate output. There are a few side effects to this that I have encountered:

  1. Conditional selects are included as part of the output schema that bcp will attempt to use and so cause an error when actually running the query, and
  2. Temp tables (#table) are not actually created and so when referenced in the query will cause the fmtonly-ed run to fail.

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