According to http://rake.rubyforge.org/files/doc/rakefile_rdoc.html, you can create a task that accepts parameters and also has prerequisites:

task :name, [:first_name, :last_name] => [:pre_name] do |t, args|

But what if :pre_name is a task that also accepts parameters? What is the syntax for passing parameters to :pre_name when it is used as a prerequisite?


It's actually pretty simple - the :pre task will receive the same parameters as the original task. All you need to do is make sure that the signature is similar - for instance if the first task receives :a,:b the :pre task needs to receive them as well.

See more here: rake with params

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I know I'm late to the party, but I had the same problem and figured something out that didn't use environment variables. You can use Rake::Task.invoke to do this. Here's an example for a database backup rake task:

namespace :db do
    task :dump_db, [:dump_file, :rails_env] do |t, args|
        puts "dumping to #{args[:dump_file]} with rails env = #{args[:rails_env]}"

    task :stop_slave do
        puts "stopping slave"

    task :start_slave do
        puts "starting slave"

    task :upload_dump, [:dump_file] do |t, args|
        puts "uploading #{args[:dump_file]}"

    task :backup_to_s3, [:dump_file, :rails_env] do |t, args|
        Rake::Task["db:dump_db"].invoke(args[:dump_file], args[:rails_env])
  • While this works, note that it won't set up the invoked task as an explicit prerequisite dependency. – ledhed2222 Oct 10 '17 at 16:45

I don't have a direct answer, but I do have an alternative solution that might work for you. None of my rake tasks use parameters. (I think I tried to use parameters and had trouble getting them to work.) Instead, I rely on the ENV array. So, for example, I would write that example task as:

task :name =>:pre_name do
  do_something_with_name(ENV['first_name'], ENV['last_name'])

which would be invoked as:

$ rake name first_name=John last_name=Smith

The ENV array data would be available to the pre_name task as well.

namespace :shell do

  desc "Local hostname"
  task :hostname do
    puts "Local hostname"
    sh "hostname"

  desc "Local uptime"
  task :uptime do
    puts "Local uptime"
    sh "uptime"

  desc "Echo something"
  task :echo,[:someword] do |t,args|
    puts "--- #{args[:someword]} ---"


desc "Run all tasks"
task :all , [:someword] => ["shell:hostname","shell:uptime","shell:echo"] do
  puts "Done."
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