I'm using moxi as a proxy for memcache cluster. In documentation I found that:

it supports fire-and-forget work tasks.

So, "SET" should return SUCCESS immediately without waiting memcache response.

But I didn't find how to enable it! I tried to google, tried to read source code. It didn't help.

So, does anyone know how to enable this mode? Or is it enabled by default?

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Memcached has quiet commands, but I don't think they are implemented very frequently by SDK's (except for use in multi-get/set operations). These are likely what you need to use in order to enable this behavior. It is not a moxi setting, but a set of client commands that you would use.

Binary quiet commands (They end with a Q for quiet) https://github.com/memcached/memcached/blob/master/protocol_binary.h#L98

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