So I've been searching for a simply way to read a file and store each string line by line as you go through the file. I know how to do it in Java where you have a file variable and just do file.nextLine() to proceed to the next line till you hit the end.

Was wondering if there is a simple way to just do that. I have a HTML file that has a button with an input tag that grabs a file, but I don't know the syntax to store the file variable in JavaScript and do a loop going line by line and storing each line in different variables.

Thanks for your time and for the help in advance.

<button id="list">List All Recipes</button>
<button id="add">Add Recipe</button>
<input id="inputFile" type="file" style="display: none;" />
    <button id="remove">Remove Recipe</button>
    <button id="update">Update Recipe</button>

    //variable declaration
    var recipeList = [];

    //jQuery for button click event
    $('#add').on('click', function() {


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