As stated in this tutorial, I can scaffold code-first EF Core from an existing database using Scaffold-DbContext in the Package Manager Console.

It's all good but my problem is that it scaffolds separate class files for each table and another for the context class. I find this a bit messy if I have too many tables.

I can rearrange it all by hand but Is there a way to scaffold everything to one class file? Or maybe having the context class on a separate file and then group the tables to another file per schema.

  • It's a walk in the park to combine all the class files into one using PowerShell. You'll get duplicate using blocks, but these don't cause errors, and you can just remove unused using statements with PowerShell or something. The Power Shell command is: Get-Content class-files.* | Set-Content combined.file. From this SO answer: stackoverflow.com/a/16709708/8741 – ProfK Sep 24 '16 at 11:43

This behavior is not an option of EF Core scaffolding as of 1.0.0.

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