On GitHub I can access a release with particular version with a link like https://github.com/markvincze/golang-build-test/releases/tag/hello-v6.

I can download its artifacts from that release with https://github.com/markvincze/golang-build-test/releases/download/hello-v6/filename.

I can also access the latest release with https://github.com/markvincze/golang-build-test/releases/latest

Question: Is there a way to directly download an artifact from the latest release?
I tried https://github.com/markvincze/golang-build-test/releases/download/latest/filename, but it doesn't work, and I couldn't find anything in the docs.


You could determine the latest tag using, for example, the HTTP HEAD request method:

HEAD https://github.com/markvincze/golang-build-test/releases/latest

At the time of writing this returns a response including the following two headers:

Status: 302 Found
Location: https://github.com/markvincze/golang-build-test/releases/tag/hello-v6

Using this you should now be able to submit a second request using the appropriate tag.

See Wikipedia's writeup of HTTP 302 for details.

Another option would be to use the Get the latest release endpoint provided by the GitHub API, and then similarly follow up with a second request. In this case the tag_name key from the response will be helpful.

  • Thanks for the info! (I was hoping to be able to use a direct link, since I'll have to do this from both a bash and a PowerShell script, and I wanted to avoid sending the HTTP requests and extracting the tag name... but nothing can be perfect, right? :)) – Mark Vincze Jul 9 '16 at 18:49
  • 1
    I've written a blog post about how URLs to the latest artifacts can be determined with shell script and PowerShell: blog.markvincze.com/… – Mark Vincze Jul 16 '16 at 15:01

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