I'm migrating a project from EF6 to EF-Core. The Metadata API has changed significantly and I am unable to find a solution to this:

Under EF6 I could find the POCO Type from the Proxy Type using:


This, however, does not work under EF-Core (no ObjectContext class). I've searched and searched to no avail. Does anyone know how to get the POCO type from either the entity or the entity proxy type?


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There is no perfect way. You could for example check the namespace. If it's a proxy it'll

private Type Unproxy(Type type)
    if(type.Namespace == "Castle.Proxies")
        return type.BaseType;
    return type;

EF Core does not support the ObjectContext API. Further more, EF Core doesn't have proxy types.

You can get metadata about entity types from IModel.

using (var db = new MyDbContext())
    // gets the metadata about all entity types
    IEnumerable<IEntityType> entityTypes = db.Model.GetEntityTypes();

    foreach (var entityType in entityTypes)
        Type pocoType = entityType.ClrType;
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    In EF Core 2.1 lazy loading was added and it works as in EF6 - it creates proxies - so entity.GetType() won't return the type of entity, but the proxy instead. This answer is no longer true. Apr 1, 2019 at 21:51

With Entity Framework Core ObjectContext is not available. Similar to @Mariusz Jamro answer but without the string you can test if the object implements the IProxyTargetAccessor interface.

Although the interface exposes the method DynProxyGetTarget it cannot be used in this instance because you get back the proxy again 🤯. Instead you have to look at the base type as demonstrated in the Mariusz's answer.

private Type UnProxy<T>(T entity) => entity switch
  null => typeof(T),
  IProxyTargetAccessor proxy => proxy.GetType().BaseType,
  var e => e.GetType()

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