I am trying to compile a new c++ project in Visual Studio 2015. I can compile perfectly in 32 bit configuration but when I change the configuration to 64 bit, compilation crashes with a dialogue box showing message "Microsoft c/c++ Compiler Driver has stopped working"

This is the error showing in the logs

Error MSB6006 "CL.exe" exited with code -1073741701.

I tried repairing and reinstalling VS several times but did no good to me. This the behaviour of any file I am trying to compile. Projects which were working on Visual Studio 2013 are now not compilable. Please help. I am stuck in this issue for weeks

EDIT: I found that the compiler used in 64 is x86_amd64\cl.exe, if this means anything to you EDIT: I tried to compile using x86_amd64\cl.exe through command line and it succeeded there

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