I want to ask some question to all of you.

Recently i got request from my friend to create several OpenStreetMap JPEG map with various size (from 1.5km x 1.5km, 12km x 12km, and 96km x 96km) in country level.

I wondering is there any tool or software to be able to create the map with size like that (from 1.5km x 1.5km until 96km x 96).

I already tested with QGIS map composer but it seems they only allow to create until 100.000 mm.

Thank you!


You can fetch the tiles you are interested in (be sure to read and follow the tile usage policy!). Which tiles to fetch can be calculated, take a look at the slippy map tilenames page. Then just stitch your JPEGs together to a large image, for example by using imagemagick.

Alternatively you can use bigmap / bigmap2 which does something very similar.


I wonder if something like Hugin would work as it could automatically align the tiles.


I have successfully rendered large maps for printing posters using nik2img.

The process is roughly the following:

  1. Import data for the area you need to render from OpenStreetMap to a local PostgreSQL server. You can get area extracts from various sources.
  2. Render the data from local database to image with nik2img.

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