I have a project which requires SharePoint 2013 Search Service (on premise deployment) to index one Office 365 Shared Mailbox. Based on my research the following is not possible:

  • Exchange content source: it works with old on premise Exchanges
  • eDiscovery: This is different feature. It has Exchange configuration but can’t be used in Search scenarios.
  • Business Connectivity Services:I tried creating external content source in Visual Studio providing OData urls but didn’t succeed
  • Hybrid federated search works in scenario SharePoint Server 2013 to SharePoint Online, not in my scenario
  • Third part solution is not accessible by my client.

This post is close to my scenario but it is old and doesn’t lead to solution.

I explored also the new “Groups” in O365 but this is not applicable. My client needs single place for searching SharePoint data and this Shared Mailbox.

What I see as the only possible approach is the use of the Outlook Rest API for real time searches against this Mailbox. I tested it and I’m able to retrieve data in SharePoint hosted app. The big problem is that I don’t have refinements and total items count.

Can someone point me to a better solution? Am I missing something?


I suggest that you use the Microsoft Graph REST instead of Office 365 REST API.

It exposes multiple APIs from Microsoft cloud services through a single REST API endpoint (https://graph.microsoft.com). Using the Microsoft Graph, you can turn formerly difficult or complex queries into simple navigations.

The Microsoft Graph gives you:

  • A unified API endpoint for accessing aggregated data from multiple Microsoft cloud services in a single response
  • Seamless navigation between entities and the relationships among them
  • Access to intelligence and insights coming from the Microsoft cloud

And you can use $count query parameters to return the number of items in the collection. Here is an example that return the number of result for your reference:

GET: https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/me/messages?$filter=contains(subject,'a')&$count=true

You could get the resonpnse like below for the number of items:

  • Both APIs seems to work in the same way but I will further explore the Microsoft Graph API. Here are also more details how I query the shared mailbox:1. Register in Azure AD an app; 2. Grant it with permissions to access mails 3. Then the web request uses its ClientID and Secret and the query is like this: outlook.office.com/api/v2.0/… – Dimcho Jul 12 '16 at 14:57

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