I am trying to test out the new SSRS 2016 features, here's what I have so far:

  • Signed up for an Azure trial
  • Installed a SQL Server 2016 VM
  • Created a DB
  • Configured the reporting services to run classic reports
  • Downloaded the Mobile Report Publisher

I have been trying stuff out using the predetermined data, however I wanted to pull in some data I'm familiar with. When I try to connect to the server (localhost/reports) I get a Server Error as the 'Server does not support mobile reports'.

Is there something I need to configure to enable this?

Thanks in advance


I think you are connecting to a standard edition of SQL SERVER 2016.


enter image description here Unfortunately Mobile Reports are only supported in Enterprise Edition of SQL Server :(


I took the same install steps as you (robbiecutting). I'm running SS 2016 Developer edition. I found that there was no option for creating Mobile reports in the Report Builder (desktop app), but there is one in the web-based reporting services portal:

Desktop app: Report Builder (desktop app)

Web portal: Reporting Services Web portal

It brings up a nice UI for creating one:

enter image description here

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