I am having an issue where the code associated with some of my View Controllers is not showing up in the Assistant Editor window to the right of the Storyboard. It says "No Assistant Results" where the swift code should be.

Things I have tried (There are many things):

  • Cleaning project
  • Deleting DerivedData
  • Creating new, identical View Controllers to see if the issue was just in those particular views.(the same issue occurred)
  • Deleting and Reinstalling Xcode
  • Restarting my Computer.

NOTE: I also am getting a warning at the top of the editor: Internal Error has occurred, source Editor functionality is limited.

enter image description here

  • please add some images to your question for better understanding. – dreamBegin Jul 12 '16 at 5:36
  • @AmitJagesha That question unfortunately does not answer mine, none of the solutions work for me. I included in my question all the solutions I have tried, which are the proposed solutions on the other question. – Ryan Cocuzzo Jul 12 '16 at 13:28
  • xcode version.? – Amit Jagesha シ Jul 12 '16 at 13:30
  • @Kuldeep1007tanwar the picture has been uploaded, please check it out and tell me what you think – Ryan Cocuzzo Jul 12 '16 at 13:30

Ok, I've had this problem before. I didn't remember how I solved this so I searched on Google and found this question. But this time, nothing helped me. These are the things I did. I believe the last one solved this.

  1. Clear Derived Data. Go to Terminal and enter this: rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData
  2. Quit the whole Xcode.
  3. Close all tabs of Xcode and make sure to view some class files instead of Interface builder and go try again viewing assistant results.
  4. Remove the assigned class to the View Controller nib you think causes the problem, then assign the class again. Boom! Solved!

I don't know if this is still helpful or not, for what is worth, the way I managed to restore this when it's been working perfectly and all of a sudden it stopped is by changing Assistant Editor view-mode.

I usually have it in Assistant Editors at bottom, so just change it to whatever else, such as All Editors Stacked Vertically and go back, and it should be working ok now.

xcode 8.3.2, if it's any use.


Argh! This annoyance happens to me all the time.

I'm not 100% sure I know what the fix is, however I think I may have just "fixed" this a few seconds ago using the following voodoo:

1) Delete derived Data

2) Close xcode, reopen Xcode. Maybe Wait for indexing to finish?

3) View a source code file (.m,.h, .swift) in the main editor, the assistant editor should now show "Counterparts".

4) Change this to "Manual" rather than "Automatic"

5) Switch back to your nib/storyboard

6) Change back to "Automatic" rather than "Manual"

7) Probably continue pulling hair out :)


Seems as though maybe only step 3 is required as this happened again just now.

  • I waited long time to finish indexing, so it worked! thanks. – Burcu K. Kutluay Jul 10 at 13:31

I had this issue and was able to resolve it. I resolved it by viewing the storyboard as source. I then removed everything in and including the tags (Saving it to restore later). I then went back and viewed the storyboard normally and created a new ViewController. Once the new ViewController was on the storyboard the assistant editor acted as normal. I then went back and viewed the storyboard as source code once again and replaced the current tags with the one I removed previously. This resolved my issues hopefully it will help for you.


In my case, the class name of File's Owner is incorrect (the class doesn't exist). I corrected the class name and it works again


I tried various ideas mentioned here but nothing worked for me. So in the Project navigator, I right clicked on the .DS_Store file, clicked on Delete, and then chose "Move to Trash" on the confirmation prompt. After closing Xcode and opening it again, a new .DS_Store file was created. The Assistant Editor is working again and the .h and .m files appear in the Project navigator again. I am using Visual Studio for Mac which communicates with Xcode. Today I had to close and open both Visual Studio and Xcode after deleting the .DS_Store file.


This method worked for me: (Xcode 10.2)

1- Select the broken ViewController on the StoryBoard

2- In Identity Inspector, change the item in Class to another class (any class)

3- Change the Class back to related class

4- Save and close the project

5- Reopen the project


Identity Inspector

Go to the view controller Identity Inspector (see the image). Change your controller to something incorrect, then change it back.


Just add your view controller in Identity inspector class just like this:


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