How to do word representation of amount field in Acumatica Invoice Report (AR.64.10.00)?

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Create an un-bound field in DAC Extension for ARInvoice DAC. And use PX.Objects.AP.ToWords attribute.

public class ARInvoicePXExt : PXCacheExtension<ARInvoice>
    #region UsrAmountToWords

    public abstract class usrAmountToWords : IBqlField { }

    public virtual string UsrAmountToWords { get; set; }


Use UsrAmountToWords field in AR.64.10.00 report.

enter image description here

enter image description here

The word representation happens through attribute PX.Objects.AP.ToWords. And this out-of-box word representation is English only. For non-English word representation, create your own attribute. Implementation of PX.Objects.AP.ToWords can be found in …\App_Data\CodeRepository\PX.Objects\AP\Descriptor\Attribute.cs.

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