I'm trying to install lxml. I've had a look at the website, and version 2.2.8 looked reasonable to me but when I did easy_install lxml, it installed version 2.3.beta1 which is not really what I want I presume.

What is the best way to fix this and how can I force easy_install to install a particular version?

(Mac os x 10.6)


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I believe the way to specify a version would be like this:

easy_install lxml==2.2.8

I (and most other Python users I suspect) stopped using easy_install and started using pip some time ago, so a solution in those terms is:

easy_install pip
pip install lxml==2.2.8

(pip has several benefits, including an uninstall command)


From the easy_install documentation:

easy_install PackageName==1.2.3


You should do something like this:

easy_install "lxml==2.2.8"

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