I'm brand new to typescript, so I'm trying to get the hang of it.

A network request is going to return a JSON object with a field in ISO Date string format.

data : Data = {when: "2016-07-13T18:46:01.933Z"}

When I create the type signature for this interface, is there any way of specifying that this is actually an ISO timestamp or do I just have to use string?

interface Data {
  when: string

I found out I could use a type alias which mentally helps, but doesn't really validate the ISO string.

type iso = string
interface Data {
  when: iso

On a similar vein, I'm curious if there's anyway to generate js validation from these typescript annotations so I can validate the information received by the endpoint, otherwise the rest of my typed application is worthless.

If this is possible then it would be really cool if this iso string could be coerced into an actual Date object.

As I said, I'm new to typescript, so I'm not sure if this is beyond the scope of what typescript is supposed to do.

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You can use a Type Guard.

import moment from 'moment'

export const isISO = (input: any): input is tISO =>
  moment(input, moment.ISO_8601, true).isValid()

Then you can use whatever custom logic in your you want to handle any bad dates, e.g.:

const maybeISO = fetch('Maybe ISO')

if (isISO(maybeISO)) {
  // proceed
} else {
  // check other format?
  // log error?



it would be really cool if this iso string could be coerced into an actual Date object

No this is not possible. For javascript there's nothing to do with typescript's interfaces. (JS is not generated at all for interfaces). Also all the type checks are done at "compile" or "transpile" time, not at run time.

What you can do, is to use reviver function when parsing json. For example:

const datePattern = /\d{4}-[01]\d-[0-3]\dT[0-2]\d:[0-5]\d:[0-5]\d\.\d+([+-][0-2]\d:[0-5]\d|Z)/;
const json = '{"when": "2016-07-13T18:46:01.933Z"}';

const result = JSON.parse(json, (key: any, value: any) => {
    const isDate = typeof value === 'string' && datePattern.exec(value);
    return isDate? new Date(value) : value;

Also you can identify Date property by key and in case it doesn't match the date pattern you could throw an error or do whatever you want.


Try this:

// In TS, interfaces are "open" and can be extended
interface Date {
   * Give a more precise return type to the method `toISOString()`:
   * https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Date/toISOString
  toISOString(): TDateISO;

type TYear         = `${number}${number}${number}${number}`;
type TMonth        = `${number}${number}`;
type TDay          = `${number}${number}`;
type THours        = `${number}${number}`;
type TMinutes      = `${number}${number}`;
type TSeconds      = `${number}${number}`;
type TMilliseconds = `${number}${number}${number}`;

 * Represent a string like `2021-01-08`
type TDateISODate = `${TYear}-${TMonth}-${TDay}`;

 * Represent a string like `14:42:34.678`
type TDateISOTime = `${THours}:${TMinutes}:${TSeconds}.${TMilliseconds}`;

 * Represent a string like `2021-01-08T14:42:34.678Z` (format: ISO 8601).
 * It is not possible to type more precisely (list every possible values for months, hours etc) as
 * it would result in a warning from TypeScript:
 *   "Expression produces a union type that is too complex to represent. ts(2590)
type TDateISO = `${TDateISODate}T${TDateISOTime}Z`;

The source


You can use DateFromISOString from io-ts-types See its documentation.

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