How do you save your model output with the new contrib.learn functions like contrib.learn.DNNClassifier?

The deprecated functions like skflow.TensorFlowDNNClassifier had methods .save and .restore. These were supposedly migrated over to the contrib.learn functions, but there are no longer save and restore methods that I can find.

If you create the variables specifically, you can use tf.train.Saver, but is there any way to save your graph, weights, and biases if you just use the contrib.learn.DNNClassifier or contrib.learn.DNNRegressor functions?

  • I have the same problem, did you come to a resolution? Aug 17 '16 at 21:14

Variables are saved from fit(), and restored at the beginning of fit(), evaluate(), and predict().

Do you have a use case where you need to save or restore variables outside of the context of those 3 calls?


When training

You call DNNClassifier(..., model_dir) and then call the fit() and evaluate() method.

When testing

You call DNNClassifier(..., model_dir) and then can call predict() methods. Your model will find a trained model in the model_dir and will load the trained model params.


Issue #3340 of TF

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