I am trying to make my web application work on offline mode by using pouchDB. but the backend database server i used is PostgreSQL (NoSQL). I couldn't find a way to Sync my PouchDB data to postgreSQL when my app came back to online. Can anyone please give me an idea how to do it


Short answer: You can't. It's impossible. Give up. You need CouchDB.

Long answer: You have two options:

  1. you can implement a custom replicator for PouchDB (it is just a PouchDB plugin -- that can get complicated, but not necessarily --, see the default Pouch-Couch replicator source code); or
  2. you can set up a backend service that acts as a proxy between PouchDB and Postgres, that will basically require you to understand and implement the CouchDB replication protocol, i.e., you'll need a server with a bunch of HTTP endpoints that return exactly what the PouchDB replicator expects.

See also this answer from another question.

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