What do you recommend for displaying URLs and handling views in Rails for cities, regions, countries?




Should be able to: List all countries, list all regions within country and list all cities within a region and country.

Where would you put code for displaying all regions in a country?:



Should the code be in the region (action show) or country (action index) controller?


Agree with Arne. I don't see any problem with the first variant.

As for the second question, you better get the list of regions in the RegionsController.

Say you want to

GET /us/regions

then you should route it to

class RegionsController < ApplicationController
  # GET /:country_code/regions
  # GET /regions
  def index
    @countries = 
      if params[:country_code]
        Region.all # get all regions if country_code is not set
  • but that is not the url that Arne says: /us/ which would list regions. In your case, what would /us/ output? – Espen Dec 21 '08 at 2:54
  • Oh. I didn't notice. I was a bit sleepy, sorry. Nonetheless, you need one URL that will identify a country and one URL to identify a collection of its states. And here, you are free to decide. You can make /us to be the URL of the country or the URL of the regions(states). – Milan Novota Dec 21 '08 at 10:27
  • If you'll go for the first option, you'll need one extra URL for collection of regions (that's what I did).In the second case, you'd need one extra URL for the country (which could be eg. /countries/us). The URL for region stays the same - eg. /us/ca. So, it's up to you which one you prefer. – Milan Novota Dec 21 '08 at 10:31

I would prefer the simple /us/ca/San-Fransisco. A shorter path will result in a listing:

  • / lists countries
  • /us lists us states
  • /us/ca lists californian cities

Simple, short, clean - and will be honored by google ;-)

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