I am trying to fetch all the records from a collection using collection.find

var DTX = mongoose.models.dtx;
var detx = DTX.find({});

But when I console.log(detx), it gives me below response:

{ _mongooseOptions: {},
   { collection: 
      { db: [Object],
        collectionName: 'dtx',
        internalHint: null,
        opts: {},
        slaveOk: false,
        serializeFunctions: false,
        raw: false,
        pkFactory: [Object],
        serverCapabilities: undefined },
     opts: { bufferCommands: true, capped: false },
     name: 'ddtx',
      { base: [Object],
        collections: [Object],
        models: [Object],
        replica: false,
        hosts: null,
        host: 'localhost',
        port: 27017,
        user: undefined,
        pass: undefined,
        name: 't23',
        options: [Object],
        otherDbs: [],
        _readyState: 1,
        _closeCalled: false,
        _hasOpened: true,
        _listening: true,
        _events: [Object],
        db: [Object] },
     queue: [],
     buffer: false },
   { [Function: model]
      { connections: [Object],
        plugins: [],
        models: [Object],
        modelSchemas: [Object],
        options: [Object],
        dbConnected: true },
     modelName: 'dtx',
     model: [Function: model],

I read few posts and then I realized that in nodejs this returns cursor. then I tried it as below:

var detx=DTX.find({},function(err,cursor){
              return item;

This did not help either. How would I go fetching all records as array from collection without any condition?

  • @RolandStarke.. Well I hope this aint that case.. With query params passed to find, it will give me data, but not empty.. – Guruprasad Rao Jul 14 '16 at 12:26
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Try this.

var DTX = mongoose.models.dtx;
var detx = [];
   .exec(function (err, dtxArray) {

      if (err) 

      console.log('DTX Array: ', dtxArray);

      detx = dtxArray;
  • That's it buddy.. Thanks much.. :) – Guruprasad Rao Jul 14 '16 at 12:44

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