I am using NuGetPackageExplorer to publish a nuGet package on our private nuget feed. Before publishing I used menu option Tools->Analyze Package and getting a warning "Assembly not inside a framework folder".

(Note: I also got an error related to lib folder earlier but corrected it by adding lib folder as suggested by NuGetPackageExplorer)

Following is my nuGet package structure:


I have not mentioned any specific framework in the Package Metadata.
(I also tried NuGet Assembly outside lib folder, but it is talking about "lib" folder)

Does anyone know a solution to this?


If you go through the source-code of nuget, you will find that this error can be ignored if your dll is targeted for multi-frameworks.

One unit test for nuget core seems to prove this.

  • It was a warning that I wanted to resolve. – Surjit SD Jul 15 '16 at 7:48
  • Then you will have to put it in the framework specific folder which you have already done as mentioned in your own solution. – Vijay Gill Jul 15 '16 at 8:00

I finally found how to do this.

In NuGetPackageExplorer, point to Package Contents -> "lib" folder, if you right click on it (lib folder) then a menu appears and that menu has option to add Framework folder.

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