I have a UIViewController in storyboard which hosts a collectionView which is referenced using a IBOutlet. However, now I am placing this inside of a PageViewController and referencing it like this, rather than with the use of a seque :

let initial = FeedCollectionViewController()
let viewControllers = [initial]
setViewControllers(viewControllers, direction: .Forward, animated: true, completion: nil)

The problem is that the collectionView is now nil.

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Of course it's nil. You built your view controller in storyboard, so you should init it from storyboard. Like this:

let tabSb = UIStoryboard(name: "Main", bundle: nil)
let tabbarVc = tabSb.instantiateInitialViewController()
  • Thanks, I managed to solve this, it loads fine however, I have the view embedded in a tab bar controller in my storyboard which is now not visible. – Alk Jul 15 '16 at 0:21

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