I have a text file with random lines, but each of them contains the same word. Example:

  • Mark goes to school YYY
  • Anna is looking at university YYY
  • John doesn't like YYY
  • ...

How can I change YYY with words from a predefined list like:

  • Dublin High School
  • UCLA
  • Stanford University

Output would be:

  • Mark goes to school Dublin High School
  • Anna is looking at university UCLA
  • John doesn't like Stanford University
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  • Npp can't do that, you have to write a script in your favorite scripting language. – Toto Jul 16 '16 at 9:31

You can use the Macro feature of Notepad++:

Precondition: the number of lines in file two matches exactly the number of times string YYY occurs.

  1. copy the second files content to the top of the first file.
  2. Use Macro -> Start Recording
  3. Press Ctrl + Pos1 to move the cursor to the start of the first line
  4. Press Shift + End to mark the first line
  5. Press Ctrl + X to cut the first line into the clipboard
  6. Press Del to remove the now empty first line
  7. Use Search -> Find to open the find dialog, enter YYY, press Enter, press Escape
  8. Now the first occurence of YYY is marked, press Ctl + V to replace it with Clipboard content (the former first line)
  9. Use Macro -> Stop Recording
  10. Now Use Macro -> Run a Macro Multiple Times, Chose Run x times, enter "the number of lines in the second file" minus one, as we have used the first line during the macro recording.
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