When passing in a url with a parameter called ?name:content=john I get the following error (see stacktrace below).

So narrowed it down to org.springframework.web.util.HierarchicalUriComponents when it calls expandQueryParams method.

It then calls getVariableName and returns in this case name because it has stripped the trailing :content off.

I am sure there is a reason for this, but is there anyway I can stop it happening as it is failing to find the name param later on as seen in the stacktrace below.

Any help with this would be MASSIVELY appreciated. It is the last obstacle to putting Zuul live for us.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Map has no value for 'name'
at org.springframework.web.util.UriComponents$MapTemplateVariables.getValue(UriComponents.java:306) ~[spring-web-4.2.6.RELEASE.jar:4.2.6.RELEASE]
    at org.springframework.web.util.UriComponents.expandUriComponent(UriComponents.java:230) ~[spring-web-4.2.6.RELEASE.jar:4.2.6.RELEASE]
    at org.springframework.web.util.HierarchicalUriComponents.expandQueryParams(HierarchicalUriComponents.java:343) ~[spring-web-4.2.6.RELEASE.jar:4.2.6.RELEASE]
    at org.springframework.web.util.HierarchicalUriComponents.expandInternal(HierarchicalUriComponents.java:329) ~[spring-web-4.2.6.RELEASE.jar:4.2.6.RELEASE]
    at org.springframework.web.util.HierarchicalUriComponents.expandInternal(HierarchicalUriComponents.java:47) ~[spring-web-4.2.6.RELEASE.jar:4.2.6.RELEASE]
    at org.springframework.web.util.UriComponents.expand(UriComponents.java:152) ~[spring-web-4.2.6.RELEASE.jar:4.2.6.RELEASE]
    at org.springframework.web.util.UriTemplate.expand(UriTemplate.java:97) ~[spring-web-4.2.6.RELEASE.jar:4.2.6.RELEASE]
    at org.springframework.cloud.netflix.zuul.filters.ProxyRequestHelper.getQueryString(ProxyRequestHelper.java:274)
  • Just as an aside, the other option appears to be overriding the SimpleHostRoutingFilter as the method call : 'Map<String, Object> info = this.helper.debug(verb, uri, headers, params, requestEntity);' seems to be the one causing the issue – Rod Jul 17 '16 at 12:52

The bug here is in lines 264 and 266 of ProxyRequestHelper:

  singles.put(param + i, value);
  query.append(param + i);

Since param contains a colon, this is interpreted UriTemplate in the subsequent expansion.

One solution is to replace the colon with a character that won't be interpreted when parsing an processing the UriTemplate, and that won't cause a clash with another query parameter. For example, if we replaced : with ! then there would be the chance that both name:content=john and name!content=jane appeared in the original query string. To avoid this problem we can first replace all instances of ! in param with !!, and then all instances of : with !.

Bug raised here https://github.com/spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix/issues/1193

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