After successful installation of Ada 2012 on windows 10 (with AdaCore-Download-2016-07-14_0729 package) I didn't find how to step forward to add database driver support to Ada. I found GNATColl library and download package but I didn't really found any description how to prepare cygwin envirnment to compile it. Do i need to install gcc toolchain with ada support, postgres and python inside cygwin again or just prepare PATH to /cygdrive/* locations in windows ?

  • What has been used to compile AdaCore ? If cygwin was not used you can not use the cygwin libraries and tools with it. – matzeri Jul 18 '16 at 20:49
  • As I remember, 5+ years ago we installed GNAT with the Windows installer, which put GNAT’s %prefix%\bin on the Windows PATH, and when we started a Cygwin shell, lo and behold GNAT’s $prefix/bin (i.e. translated to Cygwin conventions) was on the Cygwin PATH. – Simon Wright Jul 18 '16 at 20:55
  • Yes, I get it now. Compiler, source, lib's and everything else is already installed in the windows and I use gcc for GNAT installed by AdaCore installer. Only "make" tool was missing in the cygwin itself. In the moment I successfully build gnatcoll lib, but not yet with postgres. ./configure --prefix=/cygdrive/h/ada/install --without-python make make install – Igor Babic Jul 18 '16 at 21:23
  • well, I think using "make" from cygwin is somehow messing with this "cygdrive" path names, because obviously was not used correctly. If I "configure" postgres " --with-postgresql=/cygdrive/h/Ada/PostgreSQL/9.4" , configure recognize this path as correct, but make on the end complain there is no library "-lpq". – Igor Babic Jul 18 '16 at 22:12

Installing ADA 2012 on Windows 10 64bit

After installation of base Ada package we got all what we need to develop in Ada with IDE environment (GPS) and GNAT mingw environment with debugger (GDB). On windows OS only 32bit installation is supported. Windows can be 64bit edition.


1. Prerequisites :

1.1. Install Python 2.7 for windows - 32bit

https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ Select 32bit windows edition: Windows x86 MSI installer Add C:\Python27 to PATH on windows.

1.2. Install PostgreSQL 32bit

Gcc compiler for GNAT in AdaCore and external libraries must be in the same format. Postgres libraries in the 32bit format are available: http://www.enterprisedb.com/products-services-training/pgbindownload File: postgresql-9.5.3-1-windows-binaries.zip Unzip postgres into folder where build will get libraries : Folder: H:\Ada\PostgreSQL953
For compiling client applications we do not need whole server installed, just libraries in proper format.

1.3. Install Cygwin

Download from: https://cygwin.com/install.html Take setup-x86.exe file, this is 32bit version of cygwin.

1.3.1. Install make

If you forget to install anything on the first setup run, just run setup again and add missing package. Start setup-x86.exe again and search for »make« package in »Devel«, mark it for installation and proceed with »Next«. Package will be installed in the existing installation.

2. Install Ada

2.1. Install GNAT Gpl – base Ada package

File:  gnat-gpl-2016-x86-windows-bin.exe
Install with »Run as administrator« .
Destination folder. H:\Ada\GNAT\2016

2.2. Install Win32Ada

File: win32ada-gpl-2016-x86-windows-bin.exe
Install with »Run as administrator« .
Destination folder:   H:\Ada\GNAT\2016

2.3. Install GtkAda

File: gtkada-gpl-2016-x86-windows-bin.exe
Install with »Run as administrator« .
Destination folder: H:\Ada\GtkAda   

2.4. Install AWS - ada web server

File:  aws-gpl-2016-src.tar.gz unzip file to working folder.

Now execute next commands in cygwin environment :

$ make setup build
$ make --prefix=/Ada/GNAT/2016 install 

AWS should be installed on GNAT compiler root folder by default. 

2.5. Install GNATColl library with postgres interface


File gnatcoll-gpl-2016-src.tar.gz unzip file to working folder.

**Now execute next commands in cygwin environment :**

$ ./configure --prefix=/Ada/GNAT/2016 –with-postgresql=H:/ADA/PostgreSQL953/lib 

Be very careful with path to postgresql lib folder.

--------- Summary for GNAT Components --------------
Shared libraries:       yes (default: static)
Gtk+:                   yes (requires pkg-config and gtkada.gpr)
PostgreSQL:             yes -LH:/ADA/PostgreSQL953/lib (see --with-postgresql)
Sqlite:                 embedded  (see --with-sqlite)
Projects:               yes
Other components where on "no". 

Manually edit file: gnatcoll_shared.gpr

I am not sure if this is really necessary, but I did this clean up.
Clean broken lines where RETURN character divide »end of line«, for example:

Python_Version :=  "27

Change to :

Python_Version :=  "27";

Execute make commands in cygwin

$ make 

$ make install

In case of errors, reset build environment with »make clean« command and restart with "configure".

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