This is controller

public ActionResult login(login ob)
    bool mm = db.regs.Any(model => model.username == ob.username && model.password.Equals(ob.password));
    if (mm)
        return RedirectToAction("welcome");
        @ViewBag.err = "Invaid";
    return View();

and the error in controller is

Unable to create a constant value of type 'System.Object'. Only primitive types or enumeration types are supported in this context.

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    As an off-topic: consider using hashing instead of storing plain-text passwords in DB crackstation.net/hashing-security.htm – Anton Sizikov Jul 18 '16 at 7:30
  • Also try to always use meaningful names. For example, mm probably won't mean anything for anyone reading your code, something like loginSuccessful is probably much better. Also remember that return exits from the method, so no need to use an else block. It would be probably better to include the error message in your login model, so you don't have to use the ViewBag, which is often not the best option. Finally, you have a typo in "Invalid". – Andrew Aug 26 '16 at 4:56

Use == instead of Equals

model.password == ob.password
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I think you should use == instead of .Equals()

So your code will be:

bool mm = db.regs.Any(model => model.username == ob.username
    && model.password == ob.password);
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