I am new about Android and UI Testing,so I learn something here.

But,I want to measure app performance without source code.

Is it not possible to automation android app using espresso without source code?

Like here says:

Automation of Android APK with Espresso

Maybe there has some solution to use espresso with just apk?

What are list of tasks thats ConnectedAndroidTest executes? could this link solve my question?

or there have other android-sdk testing tools that I can use?


AFAIK you cant use Espresso without the source code. What you can do is to use UIAutomator.

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  • By using UIAutomator, can I automate performance testing? Could I just replace Espresso of here ? Do you have same samples or suggestion might help me learn UIAutomator more effectively and do what I want to do? Thanks so much! – chuen Jul 19 '16 at 14:37
  • If you want to emulate clicks, it can sometimes replace espresso. if you want to do the thing with the GlobalTimeout, I am not sure it is possible. But give it a try. – Uriel Frankel Jul 19 '16 at 14:46

You can also try some tools like:

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Yes, you can run performance testing using Espresso without source code.

Refer AndroidTestWithoutSource

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