I want to play APNG files and create animated stickers in my app like LINE messenger! I can create apng using some tools like APNG Assembler. but I dont know how to play animated png in my app.

help me please!

  • Hello! Have you found any solution? If so, what method / library do you use? I use github.com/sahasbhop/apng-view but it's not going very well if you load a lot together. @farhad.kargaran – UserNameYo Apr 23 '18 at 14:14

If you want to display or create apng files you could use this : https://github.com/oupson/Kapng-Android

Example of loading apng file into imageView :

ApngDecoder.decodeApngAsyncInto(context, URL("https://apng.onevcat.com/assets/elephant.png"), imageView)

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