I have a DynamoDBScanExpression that scans my table in DynamoDB service. The DB mapping class is Item.class.
The reason I'm using ScanExpression is that it is an adapter to a ListView.

What I want to do, is to filter the ScanExpression results by boolean, so I'll get only the results where the attribute "text" will be true.

I've tried to check when the value of the attribute is equal to the String "true", but it didn't work.

DynamoDBScanExpression dbScanExpression = new DynamoDBScanExpression();
Condition condition = new Condition()
    .withAttributeValueList(new AttributeValue("true"));
dbScanExpression.addFilterCondition("text", condition);
List<Item> itemsList = dbMapper.scan(Item.class, dbScanExpression);

How can I filter the ScanExpression to get only rows with true value in the "text" attribute?


Define the field using the below annotation and scan the table as mentioned below (i.e. using new AttributeValue().withBOOL(true)).

@DynamoDBAttribute(attributeName = "text")
public Boolean getStatusCode() {
    return text;

Condition condition = new Condition().withComparisonOperator(ComparisonOperator.EQ)
        .withAttributeValueList(new AttributeValue().withBOOL(true));
dbScanExpression.addFilterCondition("text", condition);
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