I have a spring oauth2 server in my backend which issues the access and refresh token when a user login request comes with the client and user credentials.Now i want to connect to this oauth2 server from my android application using the Account manager in android.I have searched a lot for that but found everything that connect to google auth server using google api.How can i connect to my own oauth server using this account manager and can retrieve the token and can handle the token expiry and password change.Somebody please help me to solve this.

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Check this tutorial, maybe offer you the answer:


"First time logging-in

The app asks the AccountManager for an auth-token.

The AccountManager asks the relevant AccountAuthenticator if it has a token for us.

Since it has none (there’s no logged-in user), it show us a AccountAuthenticatorActivity that will allow the user to log-in.

The user logs-in and auth-token is returned from the server.

The auth-token is stored for future use in the AccountManager.

The app gets the auth-token it requested

Everyone’s happy!

In case the user has already logged-in, we would get the auth-token back already on the second step. You can read more about authenticating using OAuth2 here."

I found this article looking for exactly the same problem.

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