Is it possible to hide enum method depends on enum variable?

   enum Row1  {
    MainRow1() {
        Row2 getUpg1() {
            return Row2.UPGR1;
        Row2 getUpg2() {
            return Row2 .UPGR2;
        Row2 getUpg3() {
            throw new EmptyStackException();

    }, MainRow2() {
        Row2 getUpg3() {
            return Row2 .UPGR3;

    Row2 getUpg1() { return null;}

    Row2 getUpg2() { return null; }

    Row2 getUpg3() {return null; }
}   enum Row2{...}

After this I want to invoke Row1, but how can I disable option Row1.MainRow1.getUpg3?


You absolutely can't do that in Java. All instances of an enum are objects of the same class; so there is no way from having some objects implement an interface, and others not to.

Theoretically, you could be writing code like

public enum Whatever {
  A, B;

  void foo() {
    if (this == A) {
      throw new RuntimeException("foo() should not be called on A");

but that would be a really bad idea.

You might want to read about the Liskov substitution principle to get an idea why that is (that principle is about interfaces for classes and subclasses; but in essence, your idea is not so much different).

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