I am starting a little web project with MAVEN PLUGIN on ECLIPSE NEON. I am using:

  1. -LINUX MINT 17.3;
  2. -jdk1.8.0_92;
  3. -apache-maven-3.3.9.

This is the prompt on mvn -version:

Apache Maven 3.3.9 (bb52d8502b132ec0a5a3f4c09453c07478323dc5; 2015-11-10T17:41:47+01:00) Maven home: /home/filippo/apache-maven-3.3.9 Java version: 1.8.0_92, vendor: Oracle Corporation Java home: /opt/java/jdk1.8.0_92/jre Default locale: it_IT, platform encoding: UTF-8 OS name: "linux", version: "3.16.0-38-generic", arch: "amd64", family: "unix"

This is PATH variable:


This is JAVA_HOME variable:


On ECLIPSE NEON, I created:

  1. a new MAVEN PROJECT
  2. a MODULE from org.apache.maven.archetypes – maven-archetype-quickstart
  3. a MODULE from maven-archetype-webapp

This is the POM.XML of the module PROJECT

POM.XML of the module maven project This is the POM.XML of the web module PROJECT

POM.XML of the web module maven project During Maven compilation, a BUILD FAILURE occures becouse the Type org.apache.maven.plugin.compiler.CompilerMojo not present.

Belowe the log with DEBUG option of the compilation. Why this problem? Could you help me? Thank you.... Filippo.

[DEBUG] Populating class realm plugin>org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1
[DEBUG]   Included: org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:jar:3.1
[DEBUG]   Included: org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-utils:jar:1.5.1
[DEBUG]   Included: org.apache.maven.shared:maven-shared-utils:jar:0.1
[DEBUG]   Included: com.google.code.findbugs:jsr305:jar:2.0.1
[DEBUG]   Included: org.apache.maven.shared:maven-shared-incremental:jar:1.1
[DEBUG]   Included: org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-component-annotations:jar:1.5.5
[DEBUG]   Included: org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-compiler-api:jar:2.2
[DEBUG]   Included: org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-compiler-manager:jar:2.2
[DEBUG]   Included: org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-compiler-javac:jar:2.2
[DEBUG]   Included: org.apache.xbean:xbean-reflect:jar:3.4
[DEBUG]   Included: log4j:log4j:jar:1.2.12
[DEBUG]   Included: commons-logging:commons-logging-api:jar:1.1
[DEBUG]   Included: com.google.collections:google-collections:jar:1.0
[DEBUG]   Included: junit:junit:jar:3.8.2
[DEBUG] Configuring mojo org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:compile from plugin realm ClassRealm[plugin>org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1, parent: sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@5c647e05]
[WARNING] Error injecting: org.apache.maven.plugin.compiler.CompilerMojo
java.lang.TypeNotPresentException: Type org.apache.maven.plugin.compiler.CompilerMojo not present
at org.eclipse.sisu.space.URLClassSpace.loadClass(URLClassSpace.java:143)
at org.eclipse.sisu.space.NamedClass.load(NamedClass.java:46)
  • Have you tried to delete the content of your local repository (and then tried again)? – JF Meier Jul 18 '16 at 11:06
  • Yes. Does not work. It seems the CompilerMojo class does not exists on maven – Filippo De Bellis Jul 18 '16 at 11:39
  • The first things you should check does the compilation on command working without any issue so really console and do mvn clean package ? – khmarbaise Jul 18 '16 at 11:45
  • The Maven-Compiler-Plugin should furthermore be updated to 3.5.1. – JF Meier Jul 18 '16 at 11:49
  • I deleted the content of local repository, and the compilation is OK! I am a beginners using MAVEN, and would ask you how can do update the MAVEN-COMPILER-PLUGIN... – Filippo De Bellis Jul 18 '16 at 19:39

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