I created 2 Authorizers to an API Gateway Endpoint. One manually using console and the other one using boto3. The one created manually works great, however the one created using script gives error mentioned in the subject line. If you check the contents of these 2 authorizers, they are the same.

What can be the missing part? I dont think this is Invalid permission on lambda as it is working on one authorizer when configured manually.

The code for the same is as below:
response = client.create_authorizer(
               identityValidationExpression= '.*',

Getting error: Mon Jul 18 11:53:04 UTC 2016 : Execution failed due to configuration error: Invalid permissions on Lambda function Mon Jul 18 11:53:04 UTC 2016 : Execution failed due to configuration error: Authorizer error Mon Jul 18 11:53:04 UTC 2016 : AuthorizerConfigurationException


First, use the test button in API Gateway to confirm if you can call your Lambda function from within it. This will ensure that the API Gateway-to-Lambda connection is working.

To assess your resource policies, you need to call the GetPolicy API; the execution role controls what your code an do in Lambda, not who can call it. That would be a good next check.

You can also turn on logging in API Gateway, which is a good way to gain additional insight into what it's doing on your behalf. These logs then show up in Amazon CloudWatch Logs, where you can check out the flow of your request.

If you're using CORS, it's possible to miss a setting (or two :), so I would double check that as well. CURLing directly to your endpoint (you can easily test from Lambda using its HTTP endpoint blueprint) is a good first step before you "wire up" your API to a website or other app directly.

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    I created 2 authorizers A and B. A created from AWS console and B created from boto3 api. Both pointing to the same lambda. The test button works with A but not with B – user1926248 Jul 19 '16 at 5:40
  • you can also test the authorizer itself in the API Gateway console. YourApi -> Authorizers -> test – HaterTot Oct 23 at 14:18

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