So I have installed Canvas pods to animate quick and easy. I have added some animations, but the animations play instantly when the view is presented. How can I stop that initial animation so it will only play when the AnimationTest.startCanvasAnimation() is called?


At first, I set type as empty.

And when it is needed, set code:

AnimationTest.type = "shake" 


@IBAction func Pressed(sender: AnyObject) {
AnimationTest.type = "shake"
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It's explained in the CSAnimationView.h

    @property (nonatomic) BOOL pauseAnimationOnAwake;  // If set, animation wont starts on awakeFromNib

So, you have to insert on more key in the User Defined Runtime Attribute under Indentity Inspector. You will have this: type, duration, delay and the last one is pauseAnimationOnAwake with is Boolean and set to true.

Thats it!

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