I have an Angular 2 RC4 basic form example on Plunkr that appears to throw the following error (In Chrome DEV console)

Here's the plunkr



browser_adapter.ts:82 EXCEPTION: Error: Uncaught (in promise): EXCEPTION: Error in ./App class App - inline template:1:7
ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: formGroup expects a FormGroup instance. Please pass one in.
           Example: <form [formGroup]="myFormGroup">

Error: formGroup expects a FormGroup instance. Please pass one in.
           Example: <form [formGroup]="myFormGroup">

    at new BaseException (https://npmcdn.com/@angular/forms@0.2.0/src/facade/exceptions.js:27:23)
    at FormGroupDirective._checkFormPresent (https://npmcdn.com/@angular/forms@0.2.0/src/directives/reactive_directives/form_group_directive.js:110:19)
    at FormGroupDirective.ngOnChanges (https://npmcdn.com/@angular/forms@0.2.0/src/directives/reactive_directives/form_group_directive.js:39:14)
    at DebugAppView._View_App0.detectChangesInter

There are a few issues in your code

  • <div [formGroup]="form"> outside of a <form> tag
  • <form [formGroup]="form"> but the name of the property containing the FormGroup is loginForm therefore it should be <form [formGroup]="loginForm">
  • [formControlName]="dob" which passes the value of the property dob which doesn't exist. What you need is to pass the string dob like [formControlName]="'dob'" or simpler formControlName="dob"

Plunker example

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    Also this might happens when you haven't create form in .ts file. – Charitha Goonewardena Aug 15 '18 at 13:50
  • or if you are creating dynamically – Humble Dolt Jul 10 at 6:59
  • Or the name is case sensitive in HTML or in ts – afsarkhan10182 Sep 19 at 11:56

I was using reactive forms and ran into similar problems. What helped me was to make sure that I set up a corresponding FormGroup in the class. Something like this:

myFormGroup: FormGroup = this.builder.group({
    dob: ['', Validators.required]

I had this error when I had specified fromGroupName instead of formArrayName.

Make sure you correctly specify if it is a form array or form group.

<div formGroupName="formInfo"/>

<div formArrayName="formInfo"/>

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