Currently, I've been using XCode 8 and on the line

let range = key.startIndex...key.startIndex.advancedBy(0)

I get the error:

error: 'advancedBy' is unavailable: To advance an index by n steps call 'index(_:offsetBy:)' on the CharacterView instance that produced the index.

How can I fix this?

A screenshot of the error is below:

advancedBy is unavailable

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advancedBy(_:) has been deprecated in Swift v3 and replaced by index(_:offsetBy:). Refer to Apple's migration guide for more info.

The solution to your error:

let range = key.startIndex...key.index(key.startIndex, offsetBy: 0)
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You can achieve what you are after more simply by building a new string rather than manipulating the old one:

let upperCasedFirstCharacter = String(key.characters.first!).uppercased()

let remainder = key.substring(from: key.characters.index(after: key.characters.startIndex))

let selector = "set\(upperCasedFirstCharacter)\(remainder)"
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