I am able to get basic data of activities like duration, totalEnergyBurned etc. But how can I access meta data like HKWasUserEntered startDate ?

Here is my code so far

var predicate = HKQuery.predicateForWorkoutsWithWorkoutActivityType(HKWorkoutActivityType.Cycling)
 let sampleQuery = HKSampleQuery(sampleType: HKWorkoutType.workoutType(), predicate: predicate, limit: 0, sortDescriptors: [sortDescriptor])
    { (sampleQuery, results, error ) -> Void in

        if let queryError = error {
            print( "There was an error while reading the samples: \(queryError.localizedDescription)")
          for samples: HKSample in results! {
                var workout: HKWorkout = (samples as! HKWorkout)
                print("workout Distance is \(workout.totalDistance)")
                print("workout Energy Burned is \(workout.totalEnergyBurned)")
                print("workout Duration in seconds is \(workout.duration)")



When I print results I am getting this in return

[ (46) "Health" (9.3.2) metadata: { HKWasUserEntered = 1; } 2016-07-18 10:58:00 +0500 2016-07-18 11:58:00 +0500]

so basically how can I fetch HKWasUserEntered and dates from this ?


Try the following:

print("was user entered --> \(workout.metadata?[HKMetadataKeyWasUserEntered])")

There is a metadata dictionary property on HKSample. You could print the value like this, for example:

print("workout was user entered \(workout.metadata[HKWasUserEntered])")

  • I am getting this error value of type [HKworkout] has no member metadata – Byte Jul 20 '16 at 3:53

I understood how work with metadata.

            if let metadata = workout.metadata {
                if let  mataTemperature = metadata[HKMetadataKeyWeatherTemperature] {
                    if let quantityTemperature = mataTemperature as? HKQuantity {
                        let celsius = quantityTemperature.doubleValue(for: HKUnit.degreeCelsius())

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