My goal is to train a neural net for a fixed number of epochs or steps, I would like each step to use a batch of data of a specific size from a .tfrecords file.

Currently I am reading from the file using this loop:

i = 0
data = np.empty(shape=[x,y])

for serialized_example in tf.python_io.tf_record_iterator(filename):

    example = tf.train.Example()

    Labels = example.features.feature['Labels'].byte_list.value
    # Some more features here

    data[i-1] = [Labels[0], # more features here]

    if i == 3:
    i = i + 1

print data # do some stuff etc.

I am a bit of a Python noob, and I suspect that creating "i" outside the loop and breaking out when it reaches a certain value is just a hacky word-around.

Is there a way that I can read data from the file but specify "I would like the first 100 values in the byte_list that is contained within the Labels feature" and then subsequently "I would like the next 100 values".

To clarify, the thing that I am unfamiliar with is looping over a file in this manner, I am not really certain how to manipulate the loop.



Impossible. TFRecords is a streaming reader and has no random access.

A TFRecords file represents a sequence of (binary) strings. The format is not random access, so it is suitable for streaming large amounts of data but not suitable if fast sharding or other non-sequential access is desired.

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