Is there a way to configure a custom root base path for all the routes?

for example:


but I want to prepend everything with:


anyway to do it via a application.conf?


In current version (2.5) of play, the appropriate way is to add the desired base path to the play.http.context in the application.conf


Yes. Suppose your routes file has the following routes

GET /login  controllers.login()
GET /user   controllers.user()
GET /group  controllers.group()

To achieve what you want, you just have to rename or move that rules to a new file (for example v1.routes) and then in the main routes file, use

->      /v1     v1.Routes

All the routes present in v1 file are now prepended with v1


we can add the below in the application.conf


In play 2.8 you can specify a path prefix to your Router. With compiletime DI and macwire this looks like this:

  lazy val router: Router = {
    val prefix = "/v1"

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