I'm using an IntentDialog with a LuisRecognizer for natural language input.

After my /firstRun dialog, I replace the dialog with session.replaceDialog('/') to listen for inputs, like this:

bot.dialog('/firstRun', [
  function (session) {
    session.send('Hi, its nice to meet you, i\'m a Bot.')
    builder.Prompts.text(session, 'So anyway, whats your name?');
  }, function(session, results) {
     session.userData.name = results.response
     session.send('Another message')

Heres that dialog: bot.dialog('/', intents);

Now what happens is, once session.replaceDialog('/') is called and my /firstRun finishes, one of my Intents gets fired off, WITHOUT any input.

For example, heres one of my intents:

intents.matches('MyIntent', [
  function (session, args, next) {
    console.log('My Intent has been called')

So the question is: Without any input, how/why is an Intent being matched?

  • Bot Framework has undergone major improvements since this question was asked. Are you still experiencing the issue with botbuilder v3.8.0? – nilsw May 9 '17 at 22:51
  • I haven't worked on this project for some time. – Orbit May 10 '17 at 15:51

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